Hire a Professional Wedding Videographer

Some couples use a friend or family member to videotape their wedding day.  Would you have a friend or family member take all of your wedding photographs?  Probably not.  You don’t want to have a friend or relative running out of tape or camcorder batteries, not shooting important activities, and taking shaky or bad footage.  And chances are, you will end up with a very uninteresting video that fails to capture the best moments of your wedding, and it will sit unwatched for years to come.

A professional wedding videographer will tell the story of your wedding day. Using creative camera work, a keen attention to detail, and artistic editing using music, the right blend of effects and transitions, the professional wedding videographer should produce a wedding video you will watch often and be proud to show others.

How Much Will a Wedding Videographer Cost?

There is a misconception that your wedding video should be less expensive than your photographs. The training and experience are equally extensive, the equipment used by both is costly, the time spent producing a professional wedding video takes longer than producing your photographs, and your video is a movie of your wedding day with sound.

  • A professional wedding videographer should attend your rehearsal to meet the Officiant, become familiar with the order of activities, and offer ideas and assistance to improve the video
  • A professional wedding videographer will invest around $20,000 or more in equipment plus training and experience
  • Typical wedding day coverage includes two digital video cameras with operators that shoot almost continuously for five hours or more
  • Your wedding video will take 20 to 50 hours or more to edit so that the raw footage is transformed into a smoothly flowing story of your wedding day

And, unlike Steven Spielberg or even your photographer, your wedding videographer has only one take to capture your wedding day activities. The ceremony or special events can’t be stopped and done over if something isn’t perfect.

Your wedding videographer must be the:

  • producer
  • director
  • lighting technician
  • sound person
  • cinematographer
  • editor

and they must perform all of these jobs well to produce the wedding video that you hope for and deserve. Pricing varies depending on experience, services offered, time spent, etc., but can easily range from $1,000 to $7,000. Many wedding videographers will also have streaming video of sample work for you to watch online.

Choose a videographer based on how their work makes your feel when you see it, and then discuss pricing based on what it will take to produce your personal video memory. Couples tell us that the best money they spent was on their wedding video and are so happy they made the decision to have one.  Be sure to pick a Wedding Videographer that can produce a Wedding Video DVD and lets you share your wedding video online.
When Should I Book a Wedding Videographer?

As with your first choice for your ceremony, reception, and other vendors the best wedding videographers will be booked first. You should meet with videographers as you would photographers, if not earlier in your planning process. There are fewer videographers than there are photographers. Meeting with your wedding videographer eight months to one year prior to your day is highly recommended.