• Save the Date

  • 9 January 2012 by 0 Comments

kheng+srey • save the date

destination video [San Diego, CA] for kheng+srey. they have a set wedding date for june 02, 2012. the wedding will be a traditional khmer wedding and will be held in seattle. this save the date video was a lot of fun. we flew into san diego saturday morning, and shot the video sunday. san diego is such a beautiful place, we love the weather there, 80 plus, and clear skies! the theme for this video is [a perfect day] it brings us through the day in the life of kheng+srey. it’s purpose, to just show how much fun you can have in a day, when you’re with that special person. i wanted the video to have a choppy, skippy feel, something a little different, to keep the viewer moving and feeling, what they and [we] were feeling that day. glad to have been able to shoot a destination save the date video for kheng+srey, and we are looking forward to their wedding this june, 2012. keep an eye out for the highlight video!