• 9 January 2012 by 0 Comments

david+katie • northcut landing

i wish i could fit all the speeches into this one, one word, hilarious. i love listening to what people have to say at weddings, there’s nothing better than a speech in the moment. some make you laugh, some make you cry, some even make you say, whhat!?! david+katie’s wedding ceremony and reception took place at the northcut landing in seattle. i met david+katie 2 weeks prior to their wedding day, whew, can you say last minute. their wedding planner recommended a videographer, and here’s where I came in. i sat down with them [like i do with all my clients] to get a better understanding of what they were looking for in a video, and the style and feel they wanted from it. we got to talking, and here we are. I am glad to have met both david+katie, congratulations to the both of you and my best wishes goes out to you and your family.