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Jordan+Janessa • Fall City Farms

Jordan+Janessa • Original Edited Version

this was a very special wedding for us. jordan+janessa’s wedding was unique to them, from the getting ready, to the exchanging of gifts, through the wedding ceremony, and into the reception. it was a beautiful day at the farm, the setting and location was just right. jordan+janessa did a beautiful job setting the scene, and created the perfect outdoor wedding. we arrived early that morning at the farm, our main goal was to capture the sunrise for a sunrise intro to the highlight video, unfortunately, nature had other plans that morning. even though that didn’t work out, we were still able to set the scene with a slide shot of the isle and a crane shot of the location. the beauty of the pond, props, willow tree, and barn at fall city farms allowed us to create a story that could only be told outdoors. it was a very fun, emotional day, and it was an honor to be part of such a beautiful wedding. we wish jordan+janessa the best, and we are so glad to have made these friends.