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Huy+Trang • Highlight Film

Huy+Trang: Highlight Film from Dara Ek | Seattle Videographer on Vimeo.

Huy and Trang tied the knot in a Traditional Vietnamese Wedding, and celebrated their union together at Joy Palace in Seattle, WA. The day started at our beautiful brides house, and moved to the grooms place, where he carried her in, literally, from their car. We would love to explain, but I think the video does a much better job. Hit Play!

Huy+Trang • Save The Date

Huy+Trang: Save The Date – 06.29.13 from Dara Ek | Seattle Videographer on Vimeo.

Watch Huy+Trang’s story of how they met with this fun Save the Date, shot during the beautiful Fall and Winter months in Seattle. Stay tuned for their Highlight Video, and Save the Date! 06.29.13

Special Thanks to Huy and Trang – Screen Writers 🙂
Check out his beautiful work at http://huyduongphoto.com