Do you travel for weddings?

Yes, we love to travel, please inquire for destination wedding rates.

Where do I begin?

It’s not like we get married every day! It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, and we’re here to help you a long the way.

1. Video is an art, we may not be perfect for everyone, but we may be perfect for you. That’s why we prefer to meet with all of our couples before Saving the Date, to make sure that we’re a fit for each other.

2. When scheduling a meeting with us, feel free to have a list of questions ready and ask away. We love being interviewed and want to make sure you leave with ALL your questions answered.

3. We promise not to sell you anything! Once we’ve met, we usually leave our couples with a contract to review and don’t normally accept signed contracts until the next day. This gives you time to decide without having us in your bubble when doing so.

4. If you do decide to have us as your videographers, we ask for a $500 deposit. This deposit is non-refundable but it ensures that your date is exactly what it is, your date and not anyone elses

5. Once we receive your deposit and signed contract, we will take your date off the market and forward you a copy of the signed contract.

6.  You’re not done with us yet, you’ll receive a Custom Wedding Form, please complete this form and have it mailed to us no later than 2 weeks prior to the wedding day. This form will give us a better understanding of you.


We will no longer be accepting music requests. Dara Ek Videography will take full creative control of the wedding highlight and feature film.

Raw Files

We shoot in an all digital format. What that means to you is you’ll receive better picture quality. What that means to us is a lot of hard drive space with more freedom when it comes to editing. Each wedding will consume about 250GB of Hard Drive space. We do offer RAW footage for an additional add on of $100. This includes a Hard Drive formatted to work on either your PC or Mac, just let us know what type of computer user you are!

How Long

The wedding is 1 day, and while you’re off on your honey moon, our work has just begun. It usually takes anywhere from 30-40 hours to edit a full DVD, and another 10-20 hours to process, create your custom DVD labels, and author your final product. We will not rush this process, and it will take anywhere between 6-8 weeks to complete. Since each wedding is different, it may take less or more time, we will keep you updated a long the way.


We are a hybrid between traditional videography and cinematography, but with a twist. For your DVD, we shoot with a Canon XF 300, a camera that has been approved by the BBC for broadcast TV because of it’s ability to produce HD quality images. (http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/consumer/products/camcorders/professional_camcorders/xf300)

We also shoot with DSLR’s, this gives us the freedom to move about your wedding without being noticed, and gives us that cinematic touch and feel you’ve all grown to love.

Because video is nothing without audio, we have wired and wireless lav mics that will attach to your groom and/or officiant for good quality audio. We didn’t forget about our brides, we just think you look too stunning in that dress to have a wire attached to it, but the grooms mic is omni directional, so it will in most cases, pick up your voice, unless of course, you’re whispering your vows.


We believe in supporting our state and most of it’s cause, so we must charge sales tax… Expect to see 9.5% added to your invoice for Washington State Sales tax, just tell yourself you’re supporting our schools


Since we are out on the field most of the day, we are human and do get hungry. We ask that you provide a meal for the videographers listed on your contract and allow us to eat, when you eat. If a meal is not provided, we may have to step out for up to 45 minutes to grab a meal.

How can we pay you

We accept Cash, Checks, and most major credit cards. Our preferred method of payment is by Check.

None of the Packages work for me

ALL our work is customizable, and the packages listed on our website are to be used as a guide, we understand that every wedding is a little different, so give us a call or shoot us an email, and we’ll schedule a time to either talk in person or over the phone and find a custom package that’s right for you.

What should I expect when I receive my DVDs.

You’ll receive a DVD with a custom label and cover insert a long with a disc with a custom motion menu. Your DVD will be in documentary form, this allows us to preserve the essence of the day, and you’ll be able to relive it, as it happened.

Your Highlight Video however, will be shot in a cinematic form, similar to the highlight videos we have showcased on our website.

When should I book a videographer?

Most of our bookings happen in October and November, but most of our inquiry’s happen in January and February. Unfortunately, most of the inquiry’s in January and February and referred out, because we are usually fully booked by then.